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How BT Uses AI & Big Data to Improve Customer Experience, Forecast Call Centre Demand, & Fend Off Cyberattacks

Find out how telecoms company BT are using Big Data to improve customer experience etc. As AI disrupts and impacts every industry, how is telecoms giant BT utilising this tool?

Here’s How Channel 4’s New “Dynamic TV” Ad Targeting Initiative Uses Data to Deliver Bespoke Ads to Viewers

How do brands ensure that their ad spend is optimised and the commercials they invest huge sums in creating reach the intended audience?.

Here’s How Santander Is Utilising Big Data to Drive Digital Transformation and Improve the Customer Journey

Santander is improving their customer journey and driving digital transformation through the use of Big Data – discover more here.

Here’s How is Using AI and Big Data to Reveal Social Media’s Top #TravelBrags has identified a new millennial trend – “travel bragging” – on social media, and the now using AI tech to drive engagement and create mobile marketing opportunities

Cisco Prepared for the Data Scientist Drought by Training up the Next Generation of Analysts

Global demand for data scientists is projected to exceed supply by more than 50 percent by 2018, and this data scientist drought is set to disrupt dreams of exponential growth. One company that refuses to be caught out by the data analyst shortage is Cisco

The AI Team: IBM Offers Free Assistance from Team of Data Scientists to Boost New AI Platform

By focusing resources on building a solid AI foundation, IBM is creating a set-up which will allow fewer data scientists to do the work of many