Data Leaders Summit Europe 2019

23 - 24 October, 2019

Hotel Palace, Berlin

+44 (0) 207 368 9850

John Bottega, Executive Director at EDM Council
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John Bottega

Executive Director
EDM Council

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Day 1 - Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

9:35 AM Panel Discussion - Overcoming black box analytics: How can you build explainable AI in-house to increase trust with transparent data models and secure board backing to further automate the enterprise?

  • How can you ensure that your Advanced Analytics / AI models are solving the business problems you need solved?
  • Ensuring ethical AI: What is the best approach to integrating a strong code of data practice across the enterprise to ensure ethical and proficient advanced analytics?
  • Building a reliable ethics framework: What are the technical tools and techniques required to address the privacy and security concerns surrounding increased automation to ensure responsible AI applications?
  • Building a code of ethics: How to equip your data teams with ethical guidelines to counteract inherent bias in algorithm development and build fair data models that enable unbiased business decision making
  • Setting governance standards: How can we increase collaboration across the data science community to build an official ethics framework to ensure responsible design and application of AI?