Data Leaders Summit Europe 2019

23 - 24 October, 2019

Hotel Palace, Berlin

+44 (0) 207 368 9850

Day 2 - Thursday 24th October 2019

8:00 am - 8:50 am Registration And Networking Coffee

8:50 am - 9:00 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ian Wallis, Director at Data Strategists

Ian Wallis

Data Strategists

9:00 am - 9:20 am Opening Keynote Interview: How can increased diversity and inclusion within your data department give you a completive advantage and enable you to deliver superior results for the business?

  • How to launch an in-house diversity and inclusion program to attract to a wider pool of talent and deliver on the business benefits of increased diversity
  • How to best structure a diverse data team to drive greater levels of employee engagement across the business and increase buy-in 
  • How can you best match the individual strengths of your team members to drive higher performance rates?
  • How to improve your leadership skill set to best support and mentor a diverse workforce
Payal Jain, Independent Expert & Chair at Women in Data UK

Payal Jain

Independent Expert & Chair
Women in Data UK

Gail Miller, Head of Data at Scottish Power

Gail Miller

Head of Data
Scottish Power

Giselle Cory, Exectutive Director at DataKind UK

Giselle Cory

Exectutive Director
DataKind UK

  • Centralised vs decentralised analytics: How can you best position your data function within the wider company structure to build a community around data science and bring business users on your data journey?
  • How can you embed data science into cross-functional teams to create data products and services in line with current company demands?
  • How to drive collaborative relationships between data, IT and the business to transform operations and fuel innovation to drive digital business transformation
  • How can you connect your data team with departments across the organisation to increase understanding of data’s commercial value and align on key opportunities?
Tom Dalglish, EMEA Regional Advocate at EDM Council

Tom Dalglish

EMEA Regional Advocate
EDM Council

Barry Panayi, Chief Data Officer at Lloyds Banking Group

Barry Panayi

Chief Data Officer
Lloyds Banking Group

Natalie Jakomis, Group Head of Data at

Natalie Jakomis

Group Head of Data

Alexander Borek, Global Head of Data Analytics at Volkswagen Financial Services

Alexander Borek

Global Head of Data Analytics
Volkswagen Financial Services

Tim Lum, Head of Data and Insights at Virgin Atlantic

Tim Lum

Head of Data and Insights
Virgin Atlantic

Waseem Ali, Head of Data Strategy at Lloyds of London

Waseem Ali

Head of Data Strategy
Lloyds of London

Brian Stewart, Global Head of Customer Insight, Analytics And Reporting at AXA IM

Brian Stewart

Global Head of Customer Insight, Analytics And Reporting

10:05 am - 10:25 am Spotlight on Innovation: How can you best demonstrate the value of data-driven insights with a scalable framework to unlock the full potential of analytics across the business?

  • Embedding analytics in organisational design: How can you best structure your analytics function to deliver optimum business impact with data-first decision making?
  • How can you best showcase data’s commercial value to on-board data champions from the business leadership team and truly scale a mind set shift towards analytics adoption?
  • Storytelling with data analytics: How to best compete with noise from other business departments to win long-term sponsorship from senior leaders
  • How can you define the different analytical and data science skill sets required to set your data office up for success?
  • Exploring buy vs build: How can you determine which analytics technologies are best developed in-house and those that are most effective with third party support?
Subrata Bose, Global Head Clinical Trials Analytics & Insights at Bayer

Subrata Bose

Global Head Clinical Trials Analytics & Insights

10:25 am - 10:45 am Case Study: How can you succeed with innovative analytics roadmaps to drive greater cost savings for the business?

  • How can you transform your analytics strategy to decrease the data scientist workload in managing, cleaning and labelling data?
  • Which approaches can you take to decrease the time and costs associated with procuring and preparing data for analysis?
  • How to employ cutting edge analytics models to transform your analytics strategy
  • What are the profitability benefits of moving from traditional data roadmaps towards disruptive models?
Raza Hassan, Data Scientist, Innovation Labs at S&P Global Platts

Raza Hassan

Data Scientist, Innovation Labs
S&P Global Platts

10:45 am - 11:05 am Special Guest Speaker: F1 journey to build its own Business Data Analytics capabilities

  • How to create an analytics hub to drive in-house innovation and build customer-centric experiences from fan data
  • Building a ’data-informed’ business model: How to create an analytics roadmap from scratch to ensure clean, accessible data sets that enables employee decision making
  • Establishing an open data culture: How to build an internal analytics portal to encourage data sharing and enable the business to self-serve with analytics
  • How to best identify new opportunities for data driven products to reduce churn and boost fan brand loyalty
Max Metral, Senior Analytics Director at Formula 1

Max Metral

Senior Analytics Director
Formula 1

11:05 am - 11:40 am Morning Networking Break

11:40 am - 12:00 pm Inspirational Keynote: How to leverage real-time analytics to better track and respond to market trends and give your business a competitive edge

  • Disrupting the enterprise: How can you design a roadmap for new data products to ensure continuous innovation with analytics?
  • How can you embed analytics tools into your tech stack to drive deeper insights and empower stakeholder with actionable intelligence to fuel powerful business decision making?
  • How to leverage data insights to disrupt traditional business models and identify new potential markets for entrance
  • How can you best align your data analytics strategy with increasingly diverging business requirements to succeed in business transformation?
Prof Honor Powrie, Director of Data and Analytics at GE Aviation Digital

Prof Honor Powrie

Director of Data and Analytics
GE Aviation Digital

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm Case Study - Transforming the enterprise with digitalization: How to drive process automation to analyze, visualize and transfer data into action at pace

  • Transforming company capabilities with process automation: How to empower employees with increased automation to boost operational performance and drive cost efficiencies?
  • Improving service quality: How to build a platform for network analytics to enable smarter operational and business decision making with data-driven insights
  • How to build new operational models from company data sets to increase process speed, precision and reliability through digitalization? 
  • How to transform towards the new way of working and manage the change when algorithms take over?
  • Where and how can decision making be fuelled with AI?
Markus Rotter, Head of Network Analytics at Vodafone

Markus Rotter

Head of Network Analytics

12:20 pm - 12:40 pm Innovation Interview: How to leverage predictive analytics to determine future customer demands and use these insights in your product development to be first to market

  • Driving commercial value: How to extract actionable insights from customer data to empower business leaders and fuel commercial growth
  • How to leverage customer insights to identify trends in consumer behaviour and effect change in internal product planning to meet and exceed customer demands
  • How can you best organise global customer data sets to capitalise on key insights and transform your end product in line with retail trends?
  • Transforming internal efficiencies: How to employ advanced analytics to increase forecast accuracy and build efficient stock inventory across markets to optimise company margins
Carlos Soares, Director, Marketplace Analytics at Nike

Carlos Soares

Director, Marketplace Analytics

Charlie Ballard, Global Director, Strategic Insights at TripAdvisor

Charlie Ballard

Global Director, Strategic Insights

12:40 pm - 1:00 pm Oxford Style Debate: Exploring the dark side of data democracy: TRUE or FALSE – You should limit the level of data democratisation within your organisation

Secure your front row seat as the conference room turns into a debate forum. Choose your position in the opening audience vote and then engage with industry experts as they present their motions, question the opposition, defend their point of view and conclude with their closing statements. Ultimately, the power is in your hands as you decide who delivered a knockout argument and claims debate victory; will your opinion change by the closing vote?
Eric Tyree, CTO &  Chief Data Scientist at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Eric Tyree

CTO & Chief Data Scientist
Carlson Wagonlit Travel

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Data Leaders Summit Dragons’ Den: Meet 3 start-ups set to revolutionise data science in 2020- Which innovations are best suited to help you gain a competitive edge?

Join our Data Leaders Summit dragons as they assess the latest analytics innovations from start-up companies pitching their tech in a bid to win first place. Listen up as the dragons review the technology’s benefits to your business, predict their future success and deliver their verdicts. The ultimate decision is in your hands though, as the audience get to vote for their favourite. Will you find the next big thing?
Tim Becker, Director Advanced Analytics at xValue

Tim Becker

Director Advanced Analytics

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Women in Data Lunch: How can the data analytics industry better attract, develop and retain top female talent?

This interactive session gives female leaders in the data insights industry the opportunity to discuss how to better eliminate gender related barriers and empower their colleagues to successfully climb the corporate ladder. 
Payal Jain, Independent Expert & Chair at Women in Data UK

Payal Jain

Independent Expert & Chair
Women in Data UK

Track A: Driving Deeper Customer Insights

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Case Study Interactive - Preventing customer churn: How can you apply deep learning algorithms to customer data to predict future consumer behaviour and provide relevant services that meet and exceed their needs?
How can you bring deep learning algorithms into production at speed to provide real-time insights that enable you to react to consumer behavior and provide the ultimate customer experience?

How can you introduce deep learning to increase precision when exploring and identifying the cause of customer churn?

How can you best implement neural networks to model customer behavioural histories that help to predict  future interactions with your brand?

Improving customer services: How can you best democratise deep learning capabilities to enable your consumer facing teams to identify future customer churn and make contact before you loose a sale?

Applying deep learning to unlock new product and service innovations: How to  apply algorithms to customer data to support the business in launching new offerings based on future predicted future needs and wants

Track A: Driving Deeper Customer Insights

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Case Study Interactive: How to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable accurate analysis of unstructured customer data and interpret new opportunities to the business
How to build NLP into your customer data strategy to access new insights from complex data sets and provide company stakeholders with greater intelligence

How to employ NLP to operationalise all forms of customer data within the business and increase cross-departmental  understanding of customer needs

Commercialising customer conversations: How can you empower colleagues to better support customers with insights from conversational analytics?

How can NLP be applied to screen information from unstructured data sets to track market trends and devise new services to deliver on customer demands?

Christoph Best, Senior Data Scientist at Google

Christoph Best

Senior Data Scientist

Dirk Nachbar, Head of Data Science at Google

Dirk Nachbar

Head of Data Science

Track B: Achieving Data-Driven Business Transformation

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Case Study Interactive - Building data dashboards: How can you develop data visualisation tools to empower your colleagues with self-serve analytics and alleviate increasing pressure on data teams?
How can you leverage visual analytics to drive efficiencies and increase agility in business reporting?

Democratising data to non-specialists:  How to implement data visualisation to increase access to data-driven insights and empower
different departments 

How to build data dashboards to enable business users to autonomously interpret data insights and position data at the heart of their day-to-day processes

How can you build bespoke data dashboards in line with differing levels of data awareness and literacy to best meet the needs of every business function?

Waseem Ali, Head of Data Strategy at Lloyds of London

Waseem Ali

Head of Data Strategy
Lloyds of London

Track B: Achieving Data-Driven Business Transformation

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Case Study Interactive - Rapid innovation in traditional enterprise environment: How to build large analytics-driven applications to boost agility, increase transparency and reduce time to market
How we positioned our small enterprise data science team to open new opportunities for an industrial healthcare business

The why of industrial machinery health management, and what is the holy grail of remote monitoring & failure prediction

How the Roche Diagnostics Advanced Service Analytics geographically challenged team used Scaled Agile, Scrumban, Data Science and DevOps to build a remote monitoring and predictive maintenance software product in record time

What challenges to expect when doing instrument health management & predictive maintenance? What have we learned on the way?

Michal Własenko, Analytics Engineering Team Lead &  Senior Data Scientist at Roche

Michal Własenko

Analytics Engineering Team Lead & Senior Data Scientist

Track C: Optimising your Analytics Ecosystem

2:30 pm - 3:50 pm Synergy Workshop: Exploring Agile – Join this interactive workshop and benefit from practical experiences exploring new ways of working and leave with fresh approaches to extracting additional value from your company data
Payal Jain, Independent Expert & Chair at Women in Data UK

Payal Jain

Independent Expert & Chair
Women in Data UK

Track D: Developing Top Talent

2:30 pm - 3:50 pm Creative Boardroom: Unleashing the power of textual data with Natural Language Processing
Today 80% of the world’s data is unstructured - most of this unstructured data is text data such as emails, support tickets, chats, transcripts, social media, surveys, articles, and documents.
These texts are usually difficult, time-consuming and expensive to analyze, understand, and leverage.

In this hands-on working session, we will outline how the S&P Global Market Intelligence quantamental team applied Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to company earnings call transcripts.

We will also discuss the actionable sentiment scores and behavioral metrics generated and the predictive power they could potentially provide beyond common risk and alpha factors.

Raza Hassan, Data Scientist, Innovation Labs at S&P Global Platts

Raza Hassan

Data Scientist, Innovation Labs
S&P Global Platts

3:50 pm - 3:55 pm 5 minutes transition into main room

3:55 pm - 4:55 pm Panel Revolution - Developing data science for social good: What initiatives can we launch within the data science community to positively impact wider society with key insights?

  • How can current data leaders increase partnerships with academia to nurture the next generation of data scientists?
  • How can we increase collaboration and data sharing across the data science community to support different sectors and fuel economic growth?
  • Assessing the top trends driving change in the future data science landscape and how they can be leveraged by global societies; Exploring robotics, block chain and service automation
Pete Williams, Director, Data and Online at Penguin Random House

Pete Williams

Director, Data and Online
Penguin Random House

Prasenjeet Bhattacharya, Lead Data Scientist - Multi Asset at NN Investment Partners

Prasenjeet Bhattacharya

Lead Data Scientist - Multi Asset
NN Investment Partners

Giselle Cory, Exectutive Director at DataKind UK

Giselle Cory

Exectutive Director
DataKind UK

4:55 pm - 5:00 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

5:00 pm - 5:00 pm Close of Conference